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4k Diamonds

The Graphics with POP!


The new kid on the block in the world of Fabric Graphics is 4K Printing Technology brought to you exclusively by Optima and powered by a series of technology advancements.

The 4K Breakthrough takes a great looking graphic to a level of utterly jaw dropping.  What you will see with Optima’s proprietary 4K offerings:

• Vibrancy beyond compare

• No visible dots

• Virtually continuous tone images

• Smooth gradations

• black Black BLACK BLACK intensity

• Sharpest resolution out there

4K Fun Facts

4K is really something you have to see to truly appreciate just like watching a cooking show – looks and sounds good, but you really need to experience the food to get why it is so good. So, here are the highlights of what you can expect and have in your hip pocket.


% Increase of Color Gamut
% Increase of Ink Penetration